What is creativity?

What is creativity? It’s a great question. Alas there isn’t a simple answer. The dictionary definition of creativity (and I’m doing a bit of summarising here) is the ability to use skill & imagination to produce new & unusual ideas. That’s technically fine. But so what? Are you truly any clearer on what creativity actually is from that definition? Maybe a little. In fairness though, I could throw loads of other definitions of creativity at

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Space Matters – Surround Yourself with Creativity

My life has always been full of creativity. It was encouraged and celebrated in my home. Of course I didn’t realise it at first, because it felt completely normal to me, but was highly unusual for my friends when they visited. My father’s paintings and pastel drawings adorned our walls. My mother’s hand woven rugs and mats covered every conceivable corner. Creativity was all around us and it sent a clear message. Creativity is important.

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